MarFai Mobile Massage Therapy

Who Are We?

Marguerite Faison, LMT lives to serve and serves to live.  Following her service to her country through the United States Navy and her service to the bereaved and the traumatically injured as an insurance claims examiner for one of the world’s leading insurers, it was a natural progression for her to seek a career that allowed her to positively impact people by enhancing their well-being and quality of life through natural, positive touch.  Marguerite completed her Professional Massage Therapy studies at Cortiva Institute in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania in July 2012 and was licensed to serve in August 2012.  She specializes in Swedish, Deep Tissue, Pregnancy, Reflexology, and Sports Massage and often incorporates aromatherapy and other specialized treatments into her massages to promote relaxation, encourage body cleansing and detoxification, facilitate pain alleviation, and enhance peace of mind restoration.  Marguerite routinely provides seated massages to corporate clients and has served as the featured chair massage therapist for events at colleges and universities, expos, and schools.   From a transformational prospective, Marguerite Faison, LMT also supports clients in private and public venues through MarFai Mobile Massage and Holistic Wellness, a service that empowers people to empower themselves to change their lifestyles through educational and informational wellness workshops and seminars. 

While Marguerite passionately loves being a massage therapist, she finds her greatest joy in being a mother and she feels most powerful, yet at peace, while serving her community through volunteerism, public service and philanthropy.